Pest Control Services for Upstate SC

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✅ Interior and Exterior Inspection

✅ Sweeping Down Spider Webs & Wasp Nests

✅ Liquid Treatment on Interior & Exterior

✅ Granular Application on Exterior

Service is for common household pests only **

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Pest Control Services We Offer

We are a full-service pest control company: offer services for commercial and residential properties

1. Quarterly, bi annual, monthly (for commercial properties) and one time pest control services. These services are all guaranteed, if the bugs come back, so will we (at no charge).

2. Service for flying and stinging insects.

3. Rodent program, monthly service, for mice and rats. Can be added to any pest control service at reduced rates.

4. Interior and exterior treatments for fleas. Comes with 6-month warranty.

5. Bed Bug treatments. Come with 2-month warranty if mattresses are encased.

6. German Roach treatments. Come with 2-month warranty.

7. Mosquito treatments (monthly) both traditional treatments and in2care mosquito treatments.

8. Fire ant treatments. One time treatment or treatments with either a 4-month or 12-month warranty.

9. Termite inspections, and termite treatments with bait stations. Termite treatments come with limited repair warranty. With these treatments, we come two times per year to check bait stations, and do a full termite inspection once per year.

Typical pest control service, one time, or quarterly service includes:

  • Visual inspection of interior/exterior for conducive conditions.
  • Sweeping down spider webs and wasp nests from exterior of home within reach.
  • Treating cracks and crevices on interior (if requested) and exterior.
  • Treating exterior perimeter of home with liquid insecticide.
  • Treating exterior of home with granular bait, attic and crawlspace one time per year with granular bait.

Typical monthly treatments at commercial properties include; inspections, placing of monitoring/glue boards, spraying interior (if requested) and exterior of property.

** Common Pests to Include:

  • Ants (excluding fire and carpenter)
  • Spiders
  • Ear wigs
  • Roaches (excluding German roaches)
  • Silverfish
  • Pill bugs
  • Sow bugs
  • Centipedes / millipedes
  • Wasps (excludes cavity nesting bees)

(This is for the one time special, and quarterly, bi annual, or one-time pest control services)

Commercial & Residential Heating, Cooling, Plumbing & Electrical Services for Upstate SC and Western NC

Commercial and residential hvac heating and air conditioning repair and maintenance

HVAC Heating & Air Conditioning Repair / Maintenance

We provide HVAC heating and air conditioning repair, installation and maintenance services for  business and homes in Upstate SC and Western NC.

We are one of the few select contractors in the Southeast with both NATE and NCI-certified technicians. We also require continuing education of all our technicians. This ensures that you will always work with the highest qualified and trained staff.

We also offer maintence service specials for your furnance and heat pump to make sure they’re ready for the dead of winter or the dog days of summer.

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commercial and residential plumbing repair service

Commercial & Residential Plumbing Repair and Installation

There’s no emergency like a plumbing emergency. Davis Services plumbers have you covered with plumbing service for Upstate SC and Western NC.

Preventative maintenance is just as important in plumbing as it is in HVAC and electricity. Our plumbers will inspect and adjust your water heater, fixtures, and plumbing systems to keep them operating at peak efficiency.

Maintaining your plumbing system can lower utility costs, extend the life of your fixtures, reduce repairs and emergency breakdowns by revealing potential problems.

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Commercial and Residential Electrical repair and installation services

Electrical Repair & Installation

We protect you from what you can not see and the unknown dangers behind the walls of your home. We specialize in making sure your family is SAFE with the latest technology and security.

We provide in house inspections including thermal imaging, visual inspection of service panels, outlets, switches, interior/exterior lighting, crawl space/attic inspection, junction box management, verify proper grounding and bonding, test and check smoke alarms, GFCI outlets, and many other common electrical components in your office.

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We fix problems & install peace of mind

If it’s broken, we fix it. If you need it, we install it. And we get it done right the first time.  We sweat the small stuff. And the big stuff. So you don’t have to worry. Davis Services offers a wide array of services and provides the support of an experienced team of experts who are both responsive and knowledgeable. We pride ourselves on delivering quick, effective solutions without the wait or hassle. The goal: to keep your home or business performing optimally.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Comprehensive Services
Certified Technicians
Responsive Call Center
Quick/Accurate Diagnostics

Extensive Expertise
Flexible Billing Programs

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  • Person of the Year - Michael Davis
  • Best HVAC Service Company
  • Best Electrical Company
  • Best Plumbing Company
  • Eco-Friendly Business
  • Best Boss - Brian and Nick Davis
  • Best Employer - 101-500 Employees


Terry Hoey
They are very professional with everything they do and leave everything cleaner than they found it.

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Right on time, friendly, quick, and took time to answer my our questions. Great experience!! Thanks!!

Marcus Kelley
Great customer service! Technician took time to answer questions and explain the work he would complete.

5 Stars
Kerole Lebron
I had a great experience with the electrician. He was quick and accurate. I would definitely use this service again!