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Electrical Maintenance

We protect you from what you can not see and the unknown dangers behind the walls of your business. We specialize in making sure your employees are SAFE with the latest technology and security. We provide in house inspections including thermal imaging, visual inspection of service panels, outlets, switches, interior/exterior lighting, crawl space/attic inspection, junction box management, verify proper grounding and bonding, test and check smoke alarms, GFCI outlets, and many other common electrical components in your office.

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Electrical Maintenance


Electrical Installation

We offer a wide range of installation services with our group of experts. Installation capabilities include whole business surge protection, specialty outlets (USB, GFCI protection) and indoor and outdoor speciality lighting, LED lighting upgrades, generators, smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, electrical panels and wiring.

Electrical Services

Custom service packages based on your needs. Our services are performed to keep your business safe so that you can stay worry-free while lowering energy costs. We will create custom solutions based on inspection and tests and will ensure that you are up to date on your electrical system. Our team of certified experts will explain, educate, and protect your business from any electrical dangers.


We allow you to perform regular business operations despite service interruptions. Put your faith in our team to create a sustainable environment in the face of electrical interruptions. We offer a scalable level of service based on your desired needs whether you want to protect your heating/air or your entire business. Please do not hesitate to call our team for a consultation today.

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Since 1972 Davis Services Inc has served the Upstate area providing service and leadership in the HVAC industry. With the addition of a plumbing and electrical department, Davis Services can help business and homeowners with Installation, Replacement, Maintenance, Service and Repair. We also have Engineering and Design for small, medium and large businesses.
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