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Is your HVAC system working at peak efficiency? How do you know? Just because it is working doesn’t mean your system is efficient.

Keeping up with regular maintenance of your heating and/or air conditioning systems is the best way to protect your investment. A well maintained system will consistently work at peak efficiency and will be safer for you and your family while increasing the lifespan of your unit. Annual maintenance also reduces the frequency of costly repairs and lowers the cost of your energy bill.

Our NCI (National Comfort Institute*) certified professionals are trained to perform reviews and tests on systems to determine efficiency and pinpoint any issues in your system. They have the knowledge and equipment to make necessary recommendations and repairs to maximize the efficiency of your system.


Davis Services designs HVAC systems with the customers needs in mind. We strive to provide peace of mind and comfort for our customers. Our first step is always checking your current system to ensure a simple repair couldn’t fix the problem. Once we determine you will need a new system we will work with you to create the perfect comfort system for your home. Our certified technicians will ensure your new system is installed correctly, efficiently, and safely. Our highest priority is that you are safe and comfortable in your home with your new system.

HVAC maintenance can help you save money!
It will improve your overall air quality!
Your unit’s life will extend!
The need for emergency repairs will be minimized!

Choose A Certified Contractor

You can count on us to do your diagnostic and repair work efficiently because our technicians are NCI (National Comfort Institute) certified.

Why chose a NCI certified contractor?

National Comfort Institute, Inc. (NCI) is an organization that provides heating, air conditioning, plumbing and electrical contractors with a variety of services and tools to help them improve their businesses, differentiate themselves, grow, and become more profitable. NCI accomplishes this through membership groups and by providing unique business management, sales, marketing and technical tools, training, support and coaching – all designed with the goal of helping customers to differentiate their companies through measured performance, quality and value.

NCI coined the phrase “Performance-Based Contracting™ which describes NCI’s unique approach that originated with delivering measured performance in HVAC systems to consumers. This term was later expanded to further describe how contractors manage their businesses through accountability and measurable results. Performance-Based Contracting™ is as much about changing a company’s culture as it is proving that you did what you said you were going to do.

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Since 1972 Davis Services Inc has served the Upstate area providing service and leadership in the HVAC industry. With the addition of a plumbing and electrical department, Davis Services can help business and homeowners with Installation, Replacement, Maintenance, Service and Repair. We also have Engineering and Design for small, medium and large businesses.
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